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Laravel Livewire Tables Documentation

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This is the documentation for v2. You can switch versions in the menu at the top. Check your current version with the following command:

composer show rappasoft/laravel-livewire-tables

Configurable Areas

There are certain areas of the datatable as of v2.3 where you can include your own view files. This is good for adding additional functionality to the toolbar, for example.

Available Methods


You can use the setConfigurableAreas method to set the areas that you want to be configurable.

public function configure(): void
    'before-tools' => '',
    'toolbar-left-start' => '',
    'toolbar-left-end' => '',
    'toolbar-right-start' => '',
    'toolbar-right-end' => '',
    'before-toolbar' => '',
    'after-toolbar' => '',
    'before-pagination' => '',
    'after-pagination' => '',

Note: Only specify the keys you are actually implementing, otherwise you may get uneven spacing.


Defaults to true, set whether or not configurable areas are hidden during reordering.

public function configure(): void


Hide configurable areas when reordering.

public function configure(): void
  // Shorthand for $this->setHideConfigurableAreasWhenReorderingStatus(true)


Show configurable areas when reordering.

public function configure(): void
  // Shorthand for $this->setHideConfigurableAreasWhenReorderingStatus(false)

Passing Parameters

You can pass parameters to configurable areas that come from your mount method or any other service by proving an array:

public function configure(): void
        'toolbar-left-start' => [
            '', [
                'param1' => $this->user_id,
                'param2' => resolve(MyService::class)->getThing($this->user_id),

Example View

Example dropdown for the toolbar:


    $theme = $component->getTheme();

@if ($theme === 'tailwind')
    <div class="w-full mb-4 md:w-auto md:mb-0">
            x-data="{ open: false }"
            @keydown.window.escape="open = false"
            x-on:click.away="open = false"
            class="relative z-10 inline-block w-full text-left md:w-auto"
            wire:key="my-dropdown-button-{{ $component->getTableName() }}"
                <span class="rounded-md shadow-sm">
                        x-on:click="open = !open"
                        class="inline-flex justify-center w-full px-4 py-2 text-sm font-medium text-gray-700 bg-white border border-gray-300 rounded-md shadow-sm hover:bg-gray-50 focus:border-indigo-300 focus:ring focus:ring-indigo-200 focus:ring-opacity-50 dark:bg-gray-700 dark:text-white dark:border-gray-600 dark:hover:bg-gray-600"
                        @lang('My Dropdown')

                        <svg class="w-5 h-5 ml-2 -mr-1" x-description="Heroicon name: chevron-down" xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 20 20" fill="currentColor">
                            <path fill-rule="evenodd" d="M5.293 7.293a1 1 0 011.414 0L10 10.586l3.293-3.293a1 1 0 111.414 1.414l-4 4a1 1 0 01-1.414 0l-4-4a1 1 0 010-1.414z" clip-rule="evenodd"></path>

                x-transition:enter="transition ease-out duration-100"
                x-transition:enter-start="transform opacity-0 scale-95"
                x-transition:enter-end="transform opacity-100 scale-100"
                x-transition:leave="transition ease-in duration-75"
                x-transition:leave-start="transform opacity-100 scale-100"
                x-transition:leave-end="transform opacity-0 scale-95"
                class="absolute right-0 z-50 w-full mt-2 origin-top-right bg-white divide-y divide-gray-100 rounded-md shadow-lg md:w-48 ring-1 ring-black ring-opacity-5 focus:outline-none"
                <div class="bg-white rounded-md shadow-xs dark:bg-gray-700 dark:text-white">
                    <div class="py-1" role="menu" aria-orientation="vertical">
                            wire:key="my-dropdown-my-action-{{ $component->getTableName() }}"
                            class="flex items-center block w-full px-4 py-2 space-x-2 text-sm leading-5 text-gray-700 hover:bg-gray-100 hover:text-gray-900 focus:outline-none focus:bg-gray-100 focus:text-gray-900 dark:text-white dark:hover:bg-gray-600"
                            <span>My Action 1</span>
@elseif ($theme === 'bootstrap-4' || $theme === 'bootstrap-5')
    <div><!-- Implement Other Themes if needed--></div>

Note: If you don't specify the theme conditional, it will show up on every theme.


Here are the placements for the available areas:

Toolbar Left Start Toolbar Left Start

Toolbar Left End Toolbar Left End

Toolbar Right Start Toolbar Right Start

Toolbar Right End Toolbar Right End

Before Toolbar Before Toolbar

After Toolbar After Toolbar

Before Pagination Before Pagination

After Pagination After Pagination