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Original Tailwind Alpine

Enabling dark mode in Tailwind CSS

I had never implemented dark mode in Tailwind before, but it was such a breeze I decided to make it even easier for you.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

5 min read

Original Laravel Eloquent

Refactoring with Laravel's new whereRelation methods

Prior to this simple PR, we needed verbose closures to do simple queries on relationships. Now it can be done on one line with these simple helpers.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

1 min read

Original Laravel Snippets

15 Random Laravel Snippets & Methods, Part 2

I write code blocks down that I know I won't use often and will forget about. Every so often I go through them to refresh my memory.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

2 min read

Top Packages

Original Template v8.3.0 5,177

Laravel Boilerplate

Laravel Boilerplate provides you with a massive head start on any size web application.

Original Package v1.16.0 689 90,924

Laravel Livewire Tables

A dynamic table component for Laravel Livewire.

Original Package v3.0.1 58 58,424

Laravel Lockout

Put your Laravel application into read-only mode.

From The Community

Community Laravel

A lightweight Laravel package to track changes over time

The Spatie team has released a new package called spatie/laravel-stats. This package is a lightweight solution for summarizing changes in your database over time.

203 clicks

Community Package 1.0.0

Rich Text Laravel

Integrates the Trix Editor with Laravel. Inspired by the Action Text gem from Rails.

Community Eloquent Laravel

Immutable dates in Laravel

This week's 8.53.0 release includes new "immutable_date" and "immutable_datetime" casts for Eloquent!

105 clicks