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Original Alpine Tailwind

Extending Tailwind CSS dark mode to use system preference

In a previous article, I showed you how to use Tailwind CSS to enable a dark theme on your application. Let's take it one step further and have it prioritize the user's system theme settings first.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

3 min read

Original Laravel

Introducing Laravel Authentication Log

Laravel Authentication Log is a package which tracks your user's authentication information such as login/logout time, IP, Browser, Location, etc. as well as sends out notifications via mail, slack, or sms for new devices and failed logins.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

1 min read

Original Tailwind Alpine

Enabling dark mode in Tailwind CSS

I had never implemented dark mode in Tailwind before, but it was such a breeze I decided to make it even easier for you.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

5 min read

Original Laravel Eloquent

Refactoring with Laravel's new whereRelation methods

Prior to this simple PR, we needed verbose closures to do simple queries on relationships. Now it can be done on one line with these simple helpers.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

1 min read

Original Laravel Snippets

15 Random Laravel Snippets & Methods, Part 2

I write code blocks down that I know I won't use often and will forget about. Every so often I go through them to refresh my memory.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

2 min read

Original Laravel Eloquent

Pruning Laravel Models

In the latest version of Laravel 8, Eloquent models now come with a Prunable and MassPrunable trait to automatically delete models based on criteria.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

1 min read

Top Packages

Original Template v8.3.0 5,199

Laravel Boilerplate

Laravel Boilerplate provides you with a massive head start on any size web application.

Original Package v1.20.0 742 105,801

Laravel Livewire Tables

A dynamic table component for Laravel Livewire.

Original Package v1.1.1 263 598

Laravel Authentication Log

Log user authentication details and send new device notifications.

From The Community

Community Package

Laravel Console Spinner

Laravel Console Spinner was created by Rahul Dey. It is just a custom Progress Bar inspired by icanhazstring/symfony-console-spinner.

Community Laravel CLI

Tip: Run Tinker Instantly

Laravel productivity tip! Add this little function to your bash profile to quickly execute anything with the Tinker command and get the results instantly.

45 clicks

Community Eloquent Laravel

Immutable dates in Laravel

This week's 8.53.0 release includes new "immutable_date" and "immutable_datetime" casts for Eloquent!

182 clicks