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Original Laravel Blade

10 Random Laravel Snippets & Methods, Part 3

I write code blocks down that I know I won't use often and will forget about. Every so often I go through them to refresh my memory.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

2 min read

Original Alpine Laravel Livewire Tailwind

A sneak peak at Livewire Tables v2

I decided to build version 2 of Livewire Tables from the ground up. I am hundreds of hours in with no end in sight, did I bite off more than I could chew with this one?

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

3 min read

Original Alpine Snippets Tailwind

Snippet 5: Creating a simple, but cool delete button with Alpine.js and TailwindCSS

Sometimes ideas pop into my head that I don't immediately need, but I think are a good exercise. So I carve out 15 minutes of my day to code an example to learn and save to my library of components for future use.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

2 min read

Original Laravel

What's New in Laravel: 8.58 - 8.68

Are you like me and find it impossible to find the time to keep up with the changes in Laravel on a weekly basis? In this series I'll try to roll them up periodically into one post.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

3 min read

Original Alpine Tailwind

Extending Tailwind CSS dark mode to use system preference

In a previous article, I showed you how to use Tailwind CSS to enable a dark theme on your application. Let's take it one step further and have it prioritize the user's system theme settings first.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

3 min read

Original Laravel

Introducing Laravel Authentication Log

Laravel Authentication Log is a package which tracks your user's authentication information such as login/logout time, IP, Browser, Location, etc. as well as sends out notifications via mail, slack, or sms for new devices and failed logins.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

1 min read

Top Packages

Original Template v8.3.1 5,260

Laravel Boilerplate

Laravel Boilerplate provides you with a massive head start on any size web application.

Original Package v1.22.0 901 159,898

Laravel Livewire Tables

A dynamic table component for Laravel Livewire.

Original Package v1.3.0 410 9,965

Laravel Authentication Log

Log user authentication details and send new device notifications.

From The Community

Community Laravel

A Laravel package to monitor the health of your application

Using this package you can monitor the health of your application by registering checks.

144 clicks

Community Laravel CLI

Tip: Run Tinker Instantly

Laravel productivity tip! Add this little function to your bash profile to quickly execute anything with the Tinker command and get the results instantly.

280 clicks

Community Livewire Laravel

Multi-Input Sorcery And Other Laravel Livewire Tips

Daniel Coulbourne shares some cool Livewire insights.

192 clicks