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Useful Community Articles

Useful articles from the programming community.


A Laravel package to monitor the health of your application

Using this package you can monitor the health of your application by registering checks.

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Livewire Laravel

Multi-Input Sorcery And Other Laravel Livewire Tips

Daniel Coulbourne shares some cool Livewire insights.

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Laravel CLI

Tip: Run Tinker Instantly

Laravel productivity tip! Add this little function to your bash profile to quickly execute anything with the Tinker command and get the results instantly.

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Eloquent Laravel

[8.x] Adds a simple where helper for querying relations

Creates the whereRelation() and orWhereRelation() helpers, and whereMorphRelation() and orWhereMorphRelation() for morph relations.

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Eloquent Laravel

Immutable dates in Laravel

This week's 8.53.0 release includes new "immutable_date" and "immutable_datetime" casts for Eloquent!

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A lightweight Laravel package to track changes over time

The Spatie team has released a new package called spatie/laravel-stats. This package is a lightweight solution for summarizing changes in your database over time.

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Pruning Laravel Models

In the latest version of Laravel 8, Eloquent models now come with a Prunable and MassPrunable trait to automatically delete models based on criteria.

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Livewire Laravel

Getting started with Laravel Spotlight

Use a Mac-ish Spotlight command pallette on your apps built with Livewire.

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Health Icons

Free, open source health icons

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Alpine Blade Livewire Laravel Tailwind

Laravel Batches and real-time progress with Livewire

Learn how to process incoming files using job batches, Laravel Echo, Laravel Livewire, Pusher, all in real time with a surprise ending.

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Why we need multi-line short closures in PHP

PHP 8.1 is already taking shape quite well, yet there's one feature I'd love to see added, that's still being discussed: multi-line short closures.

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Defining Default Password Validation Rules in Laravel

In Laravel 8.43, the Password Validation Rule Object now supports the ability to define default password rules you can use across your application.

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Useful Community Packages

Community Package v1.0.0

Livewire Rate Limiting

This package allows you to apply rate limiters to Laravel Livewire actions. This is useful for throttling login attempts and other brute force attacks, reducing spam, and more.

Community Package 1.5.3


Migrator is a GUI migration manager for Laravel which you can create, manage and delete your migration.

Community Package

Laravel Sends

Keep track of outgoing emails and associate sent emails with Eloquent models

Community Package

Geographical Calculator

Geographical Calculator was developed for laravel 5.8+ to help you to implement geographical calculation, with With several algorithms that help you deal with coordinates.

Community Package 1.7.14

Laravel Health

Using this package you can monitor the health of your application by registering checks.

Community Package 2.1.0

Livewire Calendar

This package allows you to build a Livewire monthly calendar grid to show events for each day. Events can be loaded from within the component and will be presented on each day depending on the date of the event.

Community Package 1.1.2

Laravel World

A Laravel package to provide a list of the countries, states, cities, timezones, currencies and phone numbers formatting/validation helpers.

Community Package 1.11.0

Laravel Searchable

This package makes it easy to get structured search from a variety of sources. Here's an example where we search through some models. We already did some small preparation on the models themselves.

Community Package 1.2.0

Rich Text Laravel

Integrates the Trix Editor with Laravel. Inspired by the Action Text gem from Rails.

Community Package

Laravel Console Spinner

Laravel Console Spinner was created by Rahul Dey. It is just a custom Progress Bar inspired by icanhazstring/symfony-console-spinner.

Community Package 1.3.0

Laravel Support Bubble

A non-intrusive support bubble that can be displayed on any page

Community Package 1.3

Laravel OTP AUTH

This package allows you to authenticate with one time password access (OTP).