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Modern PHP Cheat Sheet

A to-the-point summary of all awesome PHP features

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PHP Laravel Broadcasting

Laravel Real-Time Notifications

In this post, we will take a look at how we can send real-time notifications with Laravel, the Laravel Websockets package, and Laravel Echo.

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PHP Laravel Eloquent

Ordering database queries by relationship columns in Laravel

In this article we're going to explore how to order database queries by the value (column) of an Eloquent relationship.

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PHP Laravel Eloquent

Dynamic relationships in Laravel using subqueries

Use subqueries in Laravel to optimize your database selects.

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PHP Laravel

Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Web Dev, I Learned From My Twitter Timeline

Colin DeCarlo gives his talk on some ideas on cleaning up code in your application gained from "fire tweets" on twitter.

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PHP Laravel

Some Shifty Bits

Jason McCreary, creator of Laravel Shift, gives his talk on the parts of Laravel that are under-used. He explains how these pieces of the framework can make your code and your apps faster.

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PHP Laravel Eloquent

Giving collections a voice

I gave a talk on this topic at LaraconAU, 2019. It covers all the ways custom collections can improve your systems design and contains some more guidance on when you would reach for this pattern.

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Useful Community Packages

Community Template

Spatie Package Skeleton

A skeleton repository for Spatie's PHP Packages

Community Package 3.44.1


Convert html to an image, pdf or string

Community Package v2.3.0

Livewire Charts

Neat Livewire Charts for your Laravel projects

Community Package v1.3.0

Laravel Blade Sortable

Custom Blade components to add sortable/drag-and-drop HTML elements in your apps.

Community Package

Interactive Slack Notifications

Send interactive Slack notifications in Laravel apps

Community Package 1.2.7

Laravel Orion

The simplest way to create REST API with Laravel

Community Package 1.0.17

Laravel Database Schedule

Manage your Laravel Task Scheduling in a friendly interface and save schedules to the database.

Community Package v1.13.1

Eloquent Has Many Deep

Laravel Eloquent HasManyThrough relationships with unlimited levels

Community Package 2.3.3

Eloquent Power Joins

The Laravel magic you know, now applied to joins.