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Useful Community Articles

Useful articles from the programming community.


Forge: Octane Support

Back in March, Taylor announced the new Laravel Octane project at Laracon Online. Since then, we've been busy working on bug fixes and enhancements to Octane, as well as adding support to Laravel Forge.

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Validating Laravel Console Input

Ryan Chandler shows us how to create a trait to handle console input validation.

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Things every developer absolutely, positively needs to know about database indexing

Kai Sassnowski takes an in-depth dive into database indexing and the best times to use each approach.

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Laravel Livewire Broadcasting

Laravel Batches and real-time progress with Livewire

Upload files using Laravel Echo, Livewire, and Laravel Batch Jobs

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10 New CSS Features You Might Not Know About (2021 Edition)

Here are some of the amazing things that CSS is capable of these days.

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Modern PHP Cheat Sheet

A to-the-point summary of all awesome PHP features

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Laravel Broadcasting

Laravel Real-Time Notifications

In this post, we will take a look at how we can send real-time notifications with Laravel, the Laravel Websockets package, and Laravel Echo.

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Laravel Eloquent

Ordering database queries by relationship columns in Laravel

In this article we're going to explore how to order database queries by the value (column) of an Eloquent relationship.

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Laravel Eloquent

Dynamic relationships in Laravel using subqueries

Use subqueries in Laravel to optimize your database selects.

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Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Web Dev, I Learned From My Twitter Timeline

Colin DeCarlo gives his talk on some ideas on cleaning up code in your application gained from "fire tweets" on twitter.

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Some Shifty Bits

Jason McCreary, creator of Laravel Shift, gives his talk on the parts of Laravel that are under-used. He explains how these pieces of the framework can make your code and your apps faster.

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Useful Community Packages

Community Package

Laravel Microscope

Find Bugs Before They Bite

Community Package

Laravel GitHub

PHP GitHub API bridge for Laravel.

Community Package 2.0.2

Laravel Web Logs

A simple web interface for laravel/lumen file-based logs.

Community Package v1.0.0

Missing Livewire Assertions

This package adds some nice new Livewire assertions which I was missing while testing my applications using Livewire.

Community Package 3.2.1

Monitor scheduled tasks in a Laravel app

This package will monitor your Laravel schedule. It will write an entry to a log table in the db each time a schedule tasks starts, end, fails or is skipped. Using the list command you can check when the scheduled tasks have been executed.

Community Package v1.5.0

Laravel Octane

Laravel Octane supercharges your application's performance by serving your application using high-powered application servers, including Swoole and RoadRunner. Octane boots your application once, keeps it in memory, and then feeds it requests at supersonic speeds.

Community Package

Pretty Routes

Display your Laravel routes in the console, but make it pretty.

Community Package


Laratraits is a Laravel package containing useful traits and some classes to use along your Models, Controllers, Service Providers and what not. Take a look!

Community Template

Spatie Package Skeleton

A skeleton repository for Spatie's PHP Packages

Community Package 3.0.2

Eloquent Power Joins

The Laravel magic you know, now applied to joins.

Community Package v1.18

Eloquent Has Many Deep

Laravel Eloquent HasManyThrough relationships with unlimited levels

Community Package 1.3.3

Laravel Database Schedule

Manage your Laravel Task Scheduling in a friendly interface and save schedules to the database.