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What's new in Livewire Tables

What's new in Livewire Tables

Livewire Tables v1.0 was released April 16th, 2020. I have been really busy the last few months trying to keep up with the communities issues and requests for features. As of today we are on v1.10, lets take a look at some major features and changes in the last few months.

First a few stats. As of June 20th, 2021 we have:

Stars: 502
Installs: 56,010
Forks: 82
Used By: 328
Contributors: 20
Tags: 36
Closed Issues: 115
Pull Requests: 162
Commits: 627
Clones Avg. Per Week: 461
Visitors Avg. Per Week: 10,409
Total Sponsors: 2

I am super happy with these numbers on a release that has only been available for a few months. I strive to be the most feature rich datatables plugin out there for Laravel Livewire.

Let's go over some of the more prominent features first:

Column Selection

I added the ability to choose which columns are displayed on the table. This is saved in the user's session. You can also mark columns as 'un-hideable' so that the user can not disable them.

Drag & Drop Reordering

Using the Livewire Sortable plugin, I added a new feature to the table that allows you to enter 'reordering' mode. This lets you drag and drop the rows and calls a method behind the scenes to update the order in your database.

Date Filters

@bomshteyn pulled a great feature for date filters as a native filter type:

Other Notable Additions

  • Ability to hide columns based on a conditional using hideIf(). Good for permission based columns.
  • Ability to set a default sorting column instead of having to pass it in as a query parameter.
  • Replaced Bootstrap dropdowns with Alpine.
  • Added a place to put modal code within the table plugin.
  • Added multiple configurations for enabling/disabling specific parts of the plugin.
  • Allow use of Relation instead of Builder to generate data.
  • Added single column sorting only.
  • Translations file.
  • Added default search functionality to columns.
  • Plus a bunch of other small improvements.

This plugin is really a joy to work on, and I'm learning a lot. In future blog posts, I'm going to go into detail on how I added some of these features so hopefully you can learn from me as well.

Anthony Rappa

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