Laravel 10, Filament 3, Livewire 3, Breeze Template

Laravel 10, Filament 3, Livewire 3, Breeze Template

Hi all!

Note: This is for sponsors only.

I threw together cool Filament 3 boilerplate with a Breeze frontend and a bunch of packages pre-installed and pre-configured.

Preinstalled & Configured Packages:

  • Spatie Permissions
  • Spatie Activity Log
  • Filament Activity Log
  • Spatie Health
  • Filamant Spatie Health
  • Spatie Settings
  • Spatie Backup
  • Filamant Spatie Backup
  • Filament Laravel Settings
  • Laravel Timezone
  • Laravel Trends
  • Laravel Debugbar
  • Laravel Impersonation
  • Larabug

Other Features

  • User Resource with history
  • Frontend/Backend by role
  • Role based middleware included
  • Dashboard/Profile converted to Livewire FPC, wire:navigate used throughout the frontend.
  • Filament loaded and ready on the client side
  • Users created by month dashboard widget
  • Useful composer scripts

Hopefully this can save you a few hours on your next project!

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Anthony Rappa

By Anthony Rappa

Hello! I'm a full stack developer from Long Island, New York. Working mainly with Laravel, Tailwind, Livewire, and Alpine.js (TALL Stack). I share everything I know about these tools and more, as well as any useful resources I find from the community. You can find me on GitHub and LinkedIn.