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10 Random Laravel Snippets & Methods, Part 4

10 Random Laravel Snippets & Methods, Part 4

This is the next iteration to the Laravel Snippets Series.

Here are 10 more Laravel snippets/methods I use or have recently saved for later:

1. Reorder orderBy()

If you try to use orderBy on a query that has already been ordered, it will not work since in SQL you can have multiple order by's in a query, so they just end up getting appended.

If you explicitly want to change the ordering, you can use reorder:

// Consider a relationship
public function posts()
    return $this->hasMany(Post::class)->latest();

// The above already sets the orderBy to `created_at desc` so the following will not override that.
$user->posts()->orderBy('updated_at', 'desc')->get(); // Still ordered by `created_at desc`

// Reorder to a different column
$user->posts()->reorder()->orderBy('updated_at', 'desc')->get(); // Now ordered by `updated_at desc`

// Or more cleaner
$user->posts()->reorder('updated_at', 'desc')->get();

2. isDirty()

Check if a model has been modified

$product = Product::find(1);
$product->isDirty() // false

$product->name = "New name";
$product->isDirty() // true
$product->isDirty('name') // true

3. @checked

Clean up your markup with the new @checked directive.


<input type="radio" name="active" value="1" {{ old('active', user->active)) ? 'checked' : '' }} />


<input type="radio" name="active" value="1" @checked(old('active', user->active)) />

4. @selected

Clean up your markup with the new @selected directive.

<select name="active">
    <option value="yes" {{ old('active', user->active)) ? 'selected' : '' }}>Yes</option>


<select name="active">
    <option value="yes" @selected(old('active', user->active))>Yes</option>

5. foreignIdFor()

Instead of using foreignId with a string column, you can specify a model.


6. Route::controller

Laravel 8.80.0 release includes support for defining a common group controller once for a route group, then only providing the methods to the route definitions.

Route::controller(OrderController::class)->group(function () {
    Route::get('/orders/{id}', 'show');
    Route::post('/orders', 'store');

7. make:migration strings


php artisan make:migration create_users_table


php artisan make:migration "create users table"

8. Mail::alwaysTo()

Avoiding Accidental Email Sends with alwaysTo()

// AppServiceProvider.php
if (! app()->environment('production')) {
    Mail::alwaysTo('[email protected]');

9. str()

The str function returns a new Illuminate\Support\Stringable instance of the given string. This function is equivalent to the Str::of method:

$string = str('Taylor')->append(' Otwell');
// 'Taylor Otwell'

10. skip() TransformRequests-type middleware

As of @laravelphp v8.36.0, you can skip 'TransformRequests' middlewares by registering a callback.

For example, you can use it on 'TrimStrings' and 'ConvertEmptyStringsToNull'

    fn (Request $request) => $request->is('admin/*')

    fn (Request $request) => $request->is('admin/*')
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