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Develop faster by adding a dev routes file in a Laravel app

Freek teaches us how to add development-only routes to your application to quickly preview e-mail templates or fire notifications.

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PHP Laravel Snippets

Snippet 3: Making the logged in user available to all views using view composers

Learn how to use view composers to share small pieces of data across multiple views instead of passing them through many controllers.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

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Community PHP Laravel Validation

Password Validation Rule Object in Laravel 8

A new Password Rule object is now included in Laravel v8.39, thanks to the efforts of Nuno Maduro.

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Processing Identity Documents in Laravel

Learn how to use a package that allows you to handle documents like passports and other documents that contain a Machine Readable Zone (MRZ).

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Snippet 2: Adding a UUID Trait to auto-populate uuid columns on model create

If you ever have the need for a UUID column on your models, you may as well use a trait to populate them in case you need the same functionality on other models in the future.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

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Snippet 1: Using Laravel's ConfirmableTrait in commands

Did you know you can easily add the production consoles messages you get with Laravel's migrate and seed to your own commands?

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

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Alpine Blade Laravel

Building a Constrained Textarea using Alpine.js

Let's build a textarea with a max limit and a character countdown using Blade components and Alpine.js

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

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Forge: Octane Support

Back in March, Taylor announced the new Laravel Octane project at Laracon Online. Since then, we've been busy working on bug fixes and enhancements to Octane, as well as adding support to Laravel Forge.

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Validating Laravel Console Input

Ryan Chandler shows us how to create a trait to handle console input validation.

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Alpine Laravel Livewire PHP

Livewire Tables 1.0

New features + Tailwind CSS support, multi column sorting, definable filters, bulk actions, and more.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

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PHP Laravel Livewire Blade Alpine

Creating a Filepond component using Blade, Livewire, & Alpine.js. Then validating & storing with Spatie Media Library

Let's create a Blade component that uses the Filepond library with Alpine.js, sends it to the server with Livewire, and saves it with Spatie Media Library.

Anthony Rappa Anthony Rappa

Anthony Rappa

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Community Laravel Livewire Broadcasting

Laravel Batches and real-time progress with Livewire

Upload files using Laravel Echo, Livewire, and Laravel Batch Jobs

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